The House

Kerbedanz, renowned for its watchmaking craftsmanship par excellence, brings its boundless creativity to the entire world. Discover the history and values of our House.

Crafting character since 2011

Kerbedanz has been creating and designing pieces with a unique character since 2011. Combining the excellence of historical know-how and boundless creativity, our master watchmakers create timepieces that are genuine works of art. Our signature collections and custom-made pieces allow you to showcase your individuality.
Kerbedanz extended the mastery of its art in 2021 by offering a new collection of products: accessories with a strong styling that will be the touch of daring you seek.


To showcase each individual by creating extraordinary and truly unique pieces.


The basis of our know-how

Our perfect mastery of watchmaking techniques stems from our family heritage, steeped in art and high jewelry tradition. Precision, mastery, and rigor guide us in each of our creations: We do not compromise on the precision of our techniques or the quality of the materials we select. Our particularly high standards are reflected in each and every step, from the first drafts to the delivery of your product.

Our slogan, “Crafting Your Singularity”, expresses our desire to highlight what makes you unique through our signature or custom creations. Our innovative spirit breaks free from convention to dress the most daring personalities. Our pieces are original, designed to stand out.


At the origin of each uniqueness


Combining creativity and technical mastery

It is because we master the art of fine watchmaking that we can reinvent established codes. We go beyond the classical standards to give our creativity free rein. 

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