Care advice

Taking care of your timepiece

Designed with the greatest care by passionate watchmakers, your Kerbedanz timepiece deserves special attention. To preserve its full beauty and precision over the years, it is recommended to observe a few precautions so that your cherished timepiece can remain your faithful lifetime companion.

It is essential to wind your mechanical watch regularly to ensure the proper functioning of its movement.

For manually wound watches (Maximus), turn the notched wheel on the back of the watch clockwise until the power reserve indicator is full (+ position).

In the case of self-winding watches, the natural movements of the wrist are all it takes to supply the watch with power.

If your self-winding watch stops, we recommend you wind it manually by turning the crown clockwise about twenty times.

To ensure the longevity of your leather straps, protect them from prolonged exposure to sunlight and from contact with water, cosmetics, or grease.

We recommend that you avoid exposing rubber straps to corrosive environments and that you clean them regularly with soapy water to maintain their full beauty.

To preserve the precision of your timepiece, avoid placing it near high magnetic fields (speakers, televisions, refrigerators, tablets).

The water resistance of a Kerbedanz timepiece is 3 atmospheres (30 meters). It can perfectly withstand everyday use and normal exposure to water (rain, splashes, humidity). However, avoid wearing your timepiece when showering, bathing, swimming, diving, or any activity where it is exposed directly to water.

The water resistance of a timepiece can be affected by the aging of the seals or by an accidental impact. We recommend that you have your watch’s water resistance tested every 2 years by an authorized Kerbedanz service center.

Be careful not to expose your timepiece to strong vibrations or impacts, as well as to extreme temperatures (above 60 °C and below 0 °C) or sudden temperature changes.

Exposing your timepiece to chemicals such as soap, detergents, cosmetics, and perfumes may damage your watch’s case, strap, or seals.

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Caring for your timepiece

To ensure the longevity of your timepiece, it is important to have it serviced periodically, exclusively by an authorized service center. The frequency of periodic service depends on the use of the watch and the environment in which it is worn. We recommend that you have a water-resistance test performed every 2 years and a full service every 5 years.